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Y. Brs. En. Kamal Abdul Aziz and Ms. Mirza Mazlin,

Executive Director of Data Niche Sdn Bhd;

Y. Bhg. Senator Dato’ Daljit Singh,

Ahli Dewan Negara;

Encik Ridhwan Shah Abu Bakar,

Chief Operating Officer of C Mobile Sdn Bhd;

Mr. Jeevan Grabiel

State General Manager of Celcom Mobile Sdn Bhd;

Members of the Media;

Ladies and Gentlemen.

Assalamualaikum W.B.T, Good Afternoon and Salam 1Malaysia.

1. When the great inventor Alexander Graham Bell first invented the ‘electrical speech machine’ in 1876 (or the telephone as we know it today) perhaps he envisioned that it would evolve into an even greater device. Then it could only transmit human voices but it has now evolved into a portable wonder. It wasn’t too long ago that a telephone’s function was limited to making and receiving calls. Today this device has morphed to a whole new level where phones offer more advanced computing ability & connectivity and are often thought as handheld computers integrated within a mobile phone. Thus, the birth of Smartphones.

2. The era of communications has seen big waves throughout the world & Malaysia is fast keeping up with the pace. From the conventional method of cables and dial-up, we are now so accustomed to wireless and broadband technology. Nowadays, telecommunications play an important role in the world’s economy and the revenue generated from the worldwide telecommunications industry was estimated to be around USD 3.85 trillion in 2008. The service revenue of the global telecommunications industry was thought to be in the range of up to USD 1.7 trillion in 2008 and is expected to generate as much as USD 2.7 trillion in 2013.

3. There was a time however when the mobile phone was a privilege often associated with the wealthy but it has now become a necessity-a common utility available to all. It is certainly a necessary means of communication, a necessary means in keeping up with the latest news and trends or even as a means of educating children and keeping them entertained. Therefore, it is this growing indispensability and demand that has also prompted the Malaysian Government to nurture the potential of the telecommunications & its services industry. Therefore, the announcement of the 10% service tax abolishment in the recent 2011 budget aims to make such Smartphones affordable to a bigger slice of consumers.

Honourable Guests,

4. Today, we celebrate the coming together of a band of young people whom have the entrepreneurial spirit to make their dreams a reality in this business. They are a 1Malaysia team so to speak. I am told that Data Niche Sdn Bhd has been granted this BlackBerry Celcom dealership that will offer not just the BlackBerry for sale but also provide consumers with after-sales-service. Congratulations!

5. On another note, my short speech today would be incomplete without sharing with you some of the initiatives taken by the Government thus far. I would like to highlight the steps taken to improve trade for which MITI is tasked through the enhancement of ICT.

6. In view of the importance of trade to the Malaysian economy, the Government has implemented several ICT based measures to enhance trade facilitation. ICT and E-Commerce are seen as important enablers to improve the public sector’s delivery system through:

· Allowing the simplification, standardization and harmonization of existing Government processes and procedures;

· Providing greater transparency to public sector processes;

· Facilitating Business Process Reengineering by identifying and removing unnecessary or out-dated procedures and regulatory processes; and

· Using the electronic platform to make it easier for the public to transact services with the Government institutions.

7. E-Commerce can benefit businesses and consumers in Malaysia through:

· Opening up worldwide access to businesses and offering greater choice to consumers;

· Enhancing competitiveness and quality of service through adoption of ICT based applications;

· Customization and personalized products and services to consumers;

· Eliminating intermediaries and providing product availability;

· Enabling greater efficiency and lower costs; and

· Creating new business opportunities and new products and services beyond physical borders.

8. Furthermore, initiatives like the National Single Window (NSW) for trade facilitation, or also known as MyTradelink, is an electronic system that enables a secure, safe and efficient exchange of trade-related documents via a single point of entry. This is envisaged to further expedite the smooth flow of information pertaining to goods which are either for export, import or transit.

9. Five core services of the National Single Window have been operationalised since 19 November 2009 and are available through the MyTradelink online portal. These services are e-Declare, e-Permit, e-Payment, e-Preferential Certificate of Origin (e-PCO) and e-Manifest.

10. At the regional level, the ASEAN Member States (AMS) are working towards establishing the ASEAN Single Window (ASW). The ASW is an environment where the National Single Window of ASEAN Member States will operate and integrate electronically. Currently, 2 documents have been identified to be exchanged electronically through the ASW. They are:

· Common Effective Preferential Tariff (CEPT) Form D preferential Certificate of Origin; and

· ASEAN Customs Declaration Document (ACDD), which contains common Customs data elements for ASEAN Member States.

Ladies and Gentlemen,

11. Before I conclude, I would like to commend the young entrepreneurs present today. I am delighted that Malaysians of all races can get together and do productive things. My advice is to leverage on your respective strengths and never lose sight of your objective. Alexander Graham Bell puts it succinctly – “Concentrate all your thoughts upon the work at hand. The sun's rays do not burn until brought to a focus.

12. With that, I would like to once again thank the organisers for their kind invitation. I wish Data Niche the best of luck and without further ado proudly officiate the opening of this BlackBerry store which is supported by Celcom Mobile.

Thank you.

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