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Launching Of The “Train The Trainers” Programme Collaboration Between MAI And Kangan Institute

Wednesday May 18, 2011
Launching Of The “Train The Trainers” Programme Collaboration Between MAI And Kangan Institute

Speech By Y.B. Dato’ Mukhriz Mahathir,
Deputy Minister Of International Trade And Industry,
At The Launching Of The “Train The Trainers” Programme Collaboration Between MAI And Kangan Institute,
18 May 2011

Mr. John Steer
Senior Project Director, International Services of Kangan Institute

Mr. Mohamad Madani Sahari
Chief Executive Officer
Malaysia Automotive Institute (MAI)

Senior Officers from MITI

Representatives of automotive industry

Members of the Media

Distinguished guests, ladies and gentlemen

Good morning and salam 1Malaysia to all Ladies and gentlemen,

First and foremost, please allow me to extend my appreciation to both Kangan Institute of Australia and Malaysia Automotive Institute (MAI) for successfully organising this event today. MAI's initiative to organise yet another programme focusing on enhancing human capital capability for our domestic automotive industry is highly commendable. MAI has been active in engaging institutes of higher learning and skills training centres, not only in Malaysia, but from abroad to ensure that the workforce in our automotive industry is well equipped with all necessary technical skills.

I still remember that in this very room, about two months ago, I witnessed the signing of an MoU between MAI and AutoCRC, another Australian counterpart of MAI in human capital development. Today's programme is as a result of the support of both governments in enhancing collaboration as discussed in the Malaysia-Australia Joint Trade Committee (JTC) meeting, round table dialogues and various other G to G and G to B interactions.

Ladies and gentlemen,

As you are aware, Malaysia embarked on its industrialisation programme some 30 years ago. Over the years, we have successfully established strong foundations for industrial development. This can be clearly seen in the automotive sector where we have enhanced our capability in the production of practically all types of vehicles. Other sectors such as the iron and steel, non-ferrous industry, tooling industry, the raw material producers are among the sectors created within the automotive value chain. These initiatives have spawned many domestic small and medium scale industries throughout the country.

Ladies and gentlemen,

Numerous training centres have been established by the Government, providing skills training requirements of the workforce. These centres have done a good job to produce skilled workforce over the past 20 years.

However, as the industries evolve, advancement in technologies too will evolve resulting in new methods, processes and techniques continuously being developed for efficiency and capabilities of mass production. For effective industrial adaptation of these new technologies, the workforce must also evolve to cope with and be able to deal with these new technologies.

The current global business scenario requires a suitably trained workforce so as to ensure competitiveness of our local industries. Three important elements for competitiveness are innovativeness, creativity and skills are absolutely essential in ensuring that we meet our national goal of becoming a developed nation by 2020.

Ladies and gentlemen,

Today's programme, “Train the Trainers”, is rightly identified and formulated to further enhance the knowledge and skills of our trainers.

This programme is a positive step towards creating a pool of capable trainers. This will provide the impetus to further train the relevant skilled manpower required in our industry. The trainers shall be upgraded to international level and would be relevant teachers of the future to help shape the nation's workforce in facing the challenges ahead. This is one of the initiatives of MITI through MAI in our attempt to revitalise our manpower skills and I am hopeful the trainers selected for this programme will deliver the expected outcome. It is our sincere hope that upon returning to their respective organisations, they will be able to provide better and “upgraded” training programmes to their students.

Ladies and gentlemen,

Before I conclude, let me once again thank both Kangan Institute of Australia and Malaysia Automotive Institute for organising this “Train the Trainers” programme and I hope more of such programmes will be continued in the future to ensure that we develop a large pool of trainers. To the trainers participating in this programme, I thank you for your commitment to further enhance your skills and I hope you will set a higher standard for our future skill training programmes. For those invited guests, particularly the industry representatives and media, I thank you for your continuous support of all our initiatives to produce a high quality workforce for our automotive industry.

On this note, it is my pleasure and honour to officially launch the “Train the Trainers” Programme under the human capital enhancement collaboration between MAI and the Kangan Institute of Australia.

Thank you very much.

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