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RE: Gelombang Merah Speech


Saturday December 03, 2011
Gelombang Merah Speech.

Bismillahirahmannirahim, assalamualaikum warohmatullahi wabarakatuh.

Y.Bhg Dato Pengerusi Tetap (YB Dato Timb Pengerusi Tetap), YAB Dato Seri Presiden & YAB Tan Sri Timb Presiden, Naib2 Presiden, Ketua2 Sayap, Ahli Majlis Kerja Tertinggi, Sidang Perwakilan seperjuangan yang saya hormati sekelian.

I Mukhriz Mahathir from UMNO Kubang Pasu representing UMNO Kedah Darulaman, rice bowl of the country, birthplace of two Party Presidents and Prime Ministers, with great pride stand here to debate the UMNO President’s Ucapan Dasar. Thank you for this privilege.

Strong and brave warriors,
UMNO exists to fight,
For the honour of Malay civilisation,

Honourable delegates,

Alhamdullilah we are gathered here today to affirm and give praise and thanks for the prosperity and success that we have attained from the pledges, zeal, leadership principals that has been carried by past successive leaders based on :

The believe in God,
Loyalty to King and Country,
The sanctity of our Federal Constitution,
Respect for our Laws,
Politeness and civility.

How wise were our founding fathers. Not only did they make history, returned to us our pride and glory but the most important thing is that they created a philosophy on how to govern ourselves in an environment that is both complex and unique.

If in the past our pride and stature was trashed by the colonial powers, our national resources stolen, our right to determine our own future denied for 400 years, now we can stand up on our own two feet with full confidence without depending on others.

If in the past we were in awe to the symbols of pride of foreigners that caused us to look down on ourselves, now we can take pride in Putrajaya and the Twin Towers of KLCC. They represent the sense of confidence and national pride that can never be broken by anyone.

If in the past we had to depend on the pity of foreigners that came to steal our natural resources, now Malaysia is renowned as a country that has its place as the 24th biggest trading nation in the world.

It is proven that our country is a special gift from God. With the abilities of the Rakyat guided by the correct policies, there isn’t any ambition that we cannot achieve.

The struggle that isn’t finished.

All that I have said so far is the truth. However, we must admit and accept that our struggle is not yet done There is just a lot of work that we must do.

We must work hard to fulfil the hopes of Kak Fauziah, the single mother from Kodiang that has diabetes and high blood pressure-her son Azzim’s salary that is not enough to pay for his mother’s required treatment and neither is it enough to cover the cost of Akmal’s studies in UiTM nor Azli who is still in school.

We must work hard to fulfil the hopes of Firdaus that intends to marry the girl of his dreams Farah whom he has known since he was still in school or even to buy his house coupled with his PTPN loan and credit card bills that have driven him to borrow from the loan sharks.

We must work hard to create business opportunities for Azwan so that he can help his father Abang Mi a fishermen in Kuala Sanglang and to help his disabled brother Azri.

It is evident my Honourable Delegates that there is much work to be done to fulfil the hopes and aspirations of Malaysians that still require our assistance and support.
Although they are hoping that their grievances will be addressed by the Government, but they know that they too have to work hard to attain a comfortable life and not just depend on the Government completely. They have never strayed from this responsibility.

They know all this. But they only hope that their leaders will not overlook their plight and let them drift away from mainstream development or lose out on a good education. They hope that their leaders won’t indulge in constant infighting that causes neglect to the citizens. That’s our citizens’ only hope and that has become our sacred trust and duty to the citizens to uphold.

Now, through the transformation programmes thought of by Dato Seri Najib, Firdaus can buy his first house with PR1MA. TEKUN can help Azwan start a small businesses.

Kak Fuziah is learning how to sow a baju kurung under the 1Malaysia Training Scheme that will prepare her to set up her own businesses. The subsidy received by Abang Mi helps him buy sugar and rice at reasonable prices at Kedai Rakyat 1Malaysia in Padang Sera. These are all the approaches taken by our Right Honourable Prime Minister to solve the Rakyat’s problems. It is clear that our PM possesses the leadership qualities of former great leaders and he serves with sincerity and honesty solely for the Rakyat.

Foreign interference.

Notwithstanding all our PM is doing, the opposition practices the culture of politics of destruction. Theirs’ is to negate all our successes and thwart all our worthwhile initiatives.

They say our government is corrupt, practices nepotism, cronyism, and inefficient, not relevant, not liberal enough, not Islamic enough, too far left, too far right, not firm, restricts freedom and human rights and much more. The opposition is trying to portray our government that was voted in through 12 democratic elections by the will of the voters is to be considered according to the opposition the same as dictator governments in Arab nations that do injustice to their citizenry. Utter rubbish.

The opposition uses all sorts of labels to incite hatred within the people against UMNO and our leaders. Mahafiraun, Mahazalim, Hitler, thieves of the nation’s assets- all to vilify our leaders.

Human rights, freedom of speech, free and fair elections, equality, anti-corruption and etc are supposedly the exclusive campaign ownership or exclusive copyright of the opposition as if the opposition parties are the only ones allowed to use these ideas when in fact in reality their actions do not reflect this at all. They are the ones who have transgressed all these noble ideals in since assuming power.

Furthermore, the opposition has launched sustained intense attacks on institutions that have for so long diligently served the people and protect the people’s interests like the PDRM, Armed Forces, justice system, SPR and SPRM in a very planned and systematic manner both within the country and overseas.

Anwar Ibrahim himself has flared the seeds of revolution ala Arab Spring that he has renamed the Malaysia Spring. How desperate Anwar must be after having failed miserably to bring down our duly elected Government that Anwar orchestrated through undemocratic means on the 16th September 2008.

Lately, the opposition uses street protests as a means to challenge the mandate of the Government and when the Government is forced to react to maintain order and peace, the opposition with the planned support of Western media broadcasts to the world images that tarnish Malaysia’s standing internationally. Furthermore, in this tense situation where communication is super fast, one tweet or FB alone can result in riots and chaos like what happened in London recently.

Anwar says that they only want the right to assemble peacefully. But the fact remains that a planned opposition conspiracy was in play like the faked death at the BERSIH 2.0 rally that could trigger or serve as a tipping point that will flare up violence to erupt all over the country. In this situation, a Malay proverb says it all-an egg at the end of the horn-where bloodshed is imminent.

Is this what we want? Are these scenes of violence and chaos that we see in the Arab nations what we want for ourselves?

Anwar and his goons say street demos are a normal way in advanced countries and must be copied in Malaysia. According to Anwar and gang, this is true democracy.

Yes, we also practice democracy. The difference being that we practice democracy according to what is good for us based on our own interpretation. Yes, we too want to be a developed-nation by 2020. But certainly a developed-nation of our own definition and mould. If there are good practices in the West we will certainly apply them if it is good and beneficial for us. However, if those practices aren’t compatible with our Eastern values we will surely reject them. What is of pertinence is that we protect our rights and choose what is good and suitable for our country and her people without blindly copying all that the West does just because it is the norm for the Westerners.

Weren’t these very advanced nations that the opposition praises to the skies the very ones who transgressed human rights when they launched a war on an Arab country based on a lie? Aren’t these Western nations that the opposition so adore the very ones that kill in the most brutal fashion innocent civilians in the nations that they colonise? Aren’t these Western nations the ones that commit atrocities with the unconvincing justification to remove a dictator and promote democracy?

Weren’t these Western nations the very ones that brought on the worst financial crisis in history to the rest of the world? Aren’t these Western nations the very ones that negate anyone’s right to freedom of speech when you defy their will?

Despite all this, there are still those who are willing to be traitors from within our midst that collude with foreign powers to rape our nation. Unfortunately, when we expose these subversive activities, we are the ones who the opposition accuses of creating a conspiracy theory.

Actually my Honourable Delegates, whether you realise it or not, the opposition is the new tool of the foreign powers. The opposition gets a lot of funding and lots more of other support to attain their objective of what they have coined as regime change. Question I am asking is, are we going to allow the new era of colonisation to happen here?

It is our responsibility to state the facts to the Rakyat so that the Rakyat understands and are not easily deceived with the lies and deception of the opposition. I am confident that all of you will bear this burden to the best of your abilities.

If it is true that you are ready to fight with Dato Seri Najib to return the strength and glory of UMNO, if you truly are willing to sacrifice anything for UMNO and if you are convinced that we need a big majority in the next general elections for the sake of our children’s future-this is the time to unite and commit ourselves to a big win for our party. Even if our wings are broken we shall strive on!

PAS’s failures in Kedah.

Honourable guests,

In the three years since PAS has governed Kedah, there hasn’t been any plan at all to stimulate the state’s economy.

In the religious context, although PAS claims to fight for Islam, not one mosque or surau has been built since the 12th general elections. Despite this, they are still willing to destroy a madrasah that is a 100 years old to build a shopping mall! The top leaders of PAS themselves were grinning from ear to ear when moving the demolition machinery to break the ground! The reality is that UMNO representatives are actually the ones who build the mosques and suraus throughout Kedah.

PAS does not build mosque or suraus but the numbers of vice massage parlours are on the rise! At one point these parlours were told to shut down during the holy fasting month of Ramadan but under severe DAP pressure PAS relented and that order was rescinded. The excuse given is that these dodgy massage parlours do not permit Muslims during the fasting month. What’s the meaning of all this? Does this mean that other than Ramadan, the PAS led government allows Muslims to patronise the parlours of sin?

When Pas is questioned, their response is that these vice parlours are only to satisfy the demands of non-Muslims. This is a big insult to our non-Muslim friends. Are PAS Kedah leaders saying that non-Muslims in Malaysia love vice activities?

This is the attitude of PAS leaders in Kedah. In Kedah lingo, PAS is really ‘kemereh’. Do you Sirs and Madams understand what kemereh means? Kemereh is worse than koman-meaning to say that everything they do does not materialise. It becomes a mess. PAS will even resort to chopping down a small tree as big as your thigh to gain revenue from it. PAS can’t even breed catfish successfully what more to administer a state?

PAS leaders say that they have achieved 80.7% of their 12th general elections pledges. Not 80% mind you but 80.7%. Where in the world did they get that 0.7% baffles me. Even the Rakyat haven’t a clue of what election promises have they fulfilled! This is an insult to the Kedahans, as if Pas is treating the Kedahans like they are dumb and so easily deceived by the leaders of PAS. This PAS is really kemereh.

PAS is banking that the people of Kedah are forgetful. After three years of PAS sitting on their hands doing nothing, but as elections approach –they PAS start giving handouts to the people in the hope that Kedahans will remember these small insincere tokens and forget all the good work that UMNO has been doing all these many many years. For PAS, if the Malays are the type that easily forget and are easily deceived then the future for PAS to win is bright.

Question is, are Kedahans truly forgetful or ungrateful? PAS is really kemereh and insulting the Kedah people. I, We believe that the Kedahans are intelligent and wise people and will make the right choices in voting as the people in Kedah are so fed up with the excuses given by PAS government on why even rubbish can’t be collected all over Kedah! We are sick and tired of the excuses as to why PAS can’t develop this state. We are fed up that the village roads are NOT maintained NOR upgraded despite the fact the the Federal Government has provided funding for it. People are sick and tired of PAS incessantly blaming UMNO, BN and the Federal Government for all of PAS own failures and inadequacies.

As PAS keeps whining and giving one lame excuse after another, the bulldozers are about to destroy the small shops at Taman Ria Jaya, Sungai Petani at the GO from PAS. The Chinese small traders close shop in Alor Setar at rumah kampong Sungai Setar. The area of Sik experiences land slip because the big trees holding the earth have been chopped off. The Salahiah Madrasah in Kancut that is 100 years old is to be demolished to give way to a shopping mall.

We are livid with this predicament brought on by PAS and I believe that the Kedah people are ready and eager to return power to UMNO if we field the right winnable candidates.

Our pledge is our support,
UMNO Kedah heeds the call,
Whoever is selected the winnable candidate,
Our party success is foremost of importance!

The precondition to our party win is that we MUST be united. We must show the people that we are not caught up with infighting at the divisional level, we MUST be united. In order to prove to the Rakyat that we are serious and to safeguard the future of our children and grandchildren, we MUST be united. United we stand in loyalty shoulder to shoulder-this is our pledge at the beginning of our UMNO song!

When we are UNITED, our efforts no matter how small will combine with the efforts of our other comrades and this will create a wave that will create a tide and will turn into a great big red wave that will bring down the walls of hatred sowed by the opposition. Gone will be the walls of division built by the opposition. All the scurrilous lies and labels of hate created by the opposition will be erased. Smashed will be the shield of religion that PAS has manipulated and compromised just to win votes.

We call this great big wave the RED wave and it is engulfing all of Kedah. If you my brothers and sisters want to be part of this great strong wave – know this that there is no problem that we can’t solve, no dream that we can’t achieve.

We will regain Kedah for UMNO. We will defend Putrajaya. That is the solemn oath of UMNO Kedah!

Sekian, wabillahi taufik walhidayah wassalamualaikum warahmatullahi wabarakatuh. Kedah supports the President’s Ucapan Dasar.

YB Dato' Mukhriz Mahathir.

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